3M™ EMS Near-Surface Markers, 1432, Passive, Orange, Telephone



3M™ EMS Near-Surface Markers, 1432, Passive, Orange, Telephone

3M™ EMS Near-Surface Markers, 1432, Passive, Orange, Telephone






3M ID  80610230312    UPC#  00054007691624 


The 3M™ Near Surface Marker provides an accurate, convenient and long lasting method of marking underground facilities. Its size and shape allow for easy installation in asphalt, concrete or dirt, without extensive digging or drilling. They have a range of up to 1 metre from marker to locator, and can be accurately located using a 3M™ Dynatel™ Locator when buried in a vertical position.

  • Using EMS Markers during construction, installation and maintenance virtually eliminates the time consuming search for hard-to-locate facilities
  • High accuracy - mislocates are significantly reduced
  • Long lasting passive antenna encased in waterproof shell helps identify underground facilities for years to come
  • All markers function without the need for an external power source
  • Frequency and colour coded helps to identify the specific utility
  • Can be programmed to include customer-specific information about the asset, such as the facility owner, conduit size, placement date, and other important details
  • Operating temperature spans from -20 to 50⁰C
The 1432 Near-Surface Markers are used in the Telecommunications industry.


 Marker Depth‎ ‎ 2 feet (0.6m)
 Marker Dimension (inch)‎ ‎ 3 inch height x 0.78 inch Diameter
 Marker Finding Capability‎ ‎ Yes
 Marker Type‎ ‎ Near Surface
 Number of Frequencies‎ ‎ N/A
 Product Family‎ ‎ 3M™ EMS Ball Markers
 Programmable/Passive‎ ‎ Passive
 RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎ ‎ Undetermined
 RoHS EU Comments‎ ‎ Contact 3M for information 
*Important RoHS information
 Size‎ ‎ 76 mm x 20 mm
 Solution for‎ ‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Longhaul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor,‎ Wireless Network: Backhaul
 Trademark‎ ‎ 3M
 Transmitter Output‎ ‎ N/A


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