3M™ EMS Ball Markers, 1401-XR, Orange, Telephone



3M™ EMS Ball Markers, 1401-XR, Orange, Telephone

3M™ EMS Ball Markers, 1401-XR, Orange, Telephone




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The 3M™ Ball Marker makes the job of precisely locating underground facilities easier. The 3M EMS Ball Markers have a unique self-levelling design that provides an accurate, horizontal position regardless of how the ball is placed in the ground. They have a range of up to 1.5 metres from marker to locator, and can be accurately located using a 3M™ Dynatel™ Locator.

  • Using EMS Markers during construction, installation and maintenance virtually eliminates the time consuming search for hard-to-locate facilities
  • High accuracy - mislocates are significantly reduced
  • Long lasting passive antenna encased in waterproof shell helps identify underground facilities for years to come
  • The water resistant polyetheline shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals and the temperature extremes normally found underground
  • All markers function without the need for an external power source
  • Frequency and colour coded helps to identify the specific utility
  • Operating temperature spans from -20 to 50⁰C
The 1401-XR Ball Markers are used in the Telecommunications industry.


 Colour‎ ‎ Orange
 Diameter (Metric)‎ ‎ 10.4 cm
 Marker Depth‎ ‎ 5 feet (1.5m)
 Marker Dimension (inch)‎ ‎ 4 inch Diameter
 Marker Finding Capability‎ ‎ Yes
 Marker Type‎ ‎ Ball
 Number of Frequencies‎ ‎ N/A
 Product Family‎ ‎ 3M™ EMS Ball Markers
 Programmable/Passive‎ ‎ Passive
 RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant‎ ‎ Undetermined
 RoHS EU Comments‎ ‎ Contact 3M for information 
*Important RoHS information
 Size‎ ‎ 102 mm diameter
 Solution for‎ ‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Longhaul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor,‎ Wireless Network: Backhaul
 Trademark‎ ‎ 3M
 Transmitter Output‎ ‎ N/A


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