M2QA三相异步电动机是ABB公司设计的2000款系列产品中的基本系列,符合欧共体||级效率标准。电机的设计与制造符合IEC 60034、IEC60072、DIN 42673、BS 4999、GB755、GB 10069和Q/JBQS 27。M2QA 系列电机具有较好的电气与机械性能。

工作电压:220-240V 380-420V 660-690V 额定频率:50/60Hz
安装方式: 卧式B3、立式(法兰安装)B5、立卧式B35
环境温度-15℃ -- +40℃

1.1KW-90KW 2P 4P电机在S1工作制下,
M2QA series of three phase induction motors is a member of the ABB M2000 family with EU efficiency class. The motors are designed and manufactured according to IEC34, IEC72, DIN42673, BS4999, AS1359, GB755, GB10069, and Q/JBQS27. The electrical and mechanical performances of ABB M2QA motors are excellent.

High efficiency

1.lkw-90kW 2P and 4P, in S1 duty, M2QA motors are among the class 2 of CEMEP-EU standard,saving energy and operating costs.

Voltage ranges of extra versatility
A wide range of voltages can be up to max. 690 V,for 50 Hz and 60 Hz available Reliable windings To ensure long lifetime, the windings are made of the latest available materials in class F protection and temperature rise limited to class B (80k)in
standard motors

Strong corrosion protection

The motors are made to withstand aggressive environ as standard and they are designed for long lifetime. For motors with regreasing possibility ments. They have strong and effective protection against corrosion Bearings with high load capacity
All motors are provided with deep-groove ball bearings, the lifetime is extended. Cast iron motors in sizes 71-250 are greased for life, and those in sizes 280-355 have a regreasing device as a standard.

Low noise level
The M2QA range has been designed with to minimize motors noise levels, by means of improving magnetic and electrical design,
ventilator condition, and structure assembling size and technology.

Additional windings protection
PTC thermistors, them-switches and Anticondensation heaters on request.
Mechanial Design
Totally enclosed fan cooled IP55 Heavy duty design, manufactured from extra corrosion resistant cast iron materials to be used in all kind of environment. The motor is mechanically very strong and robust and as standard designed for additional energy saving through frequency converter drives. Drain holes and plugs as standard in sizes 280 to 355 Flexible cable entry direction Terminal boxes are mounted on the top of the motots, right or left. Terminal boxes of motor size 71-132 can rotate 4x90°,and those of 160-355 can rotate 2x180°.All are easy to refit.

Powerful refit available
The motors satisfy the requirements of a wide range of environments and applications,such as improving protection, insulation level, regreasing facilities, dust-proof, sealing rings, rainproof are available, a full range of options are listed in pages 19-20.

Insulation and insulation classes

According to IEC 60085,insulating materials are divided into insulation classes. Each class has a designation correspondin.q to the temperature that is the upper limit of the range of application of the insulating material under normal operating condition.

The winding insulation of a motor is determined on the basis of the temperature rise in the motor and the ambient temperature.The insulation is normally
dimensioned for the hottest point in the motor at its normal rated output and at ambient temperature of 40℃ .Motors subjected to ambient temperatures above 40℃ will generally have to be derated.

In most cases,the standard rated outputs of motors from ABB Motors are based on the temperature rise for insulation class B.Where the temperature rise is
according to class F,this is specified in the data tables.

However, all the motors are designed with class F insulation,which permits a higher temperature rise than class B.The motors,therefore,have a generous over-load margin. If temperature,rise to class F is allowed,the outputs given in the tables can generally be increased by about 12%.

Temperature limits are according to standards.The extra thermal margin when using class F insulation with class B temperature rise makes the motors more reliable.


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