3M Scotchcast 92-NBA0 非铠装1KV电缆防水灌胶接头

3MScotchcast™ Resin Kits 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7 Inline Joint Kit Series with Resin 403M Scotchcast 树脂套装系列分为: 92-NBA0到 92-NBA 73M Scotchcast 公司推出92-NBA 系列树脂接头的市场,为低压电缆上使用树脂接头系统的电缆接头提供节省时间和安全效益为目标。这些 S



3MScotchcast™ Resin Kits 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7 

Inline Joint Kit Series with Resin 40

3M Scotchcast 树脂套装系列分为: 92-NBA0到 92-NBA 7

3M Scotchcast 公司推出92-NBA 系列树脂接头的市场,为低压电缆上使用树脂接头系统的电缆接头提供节省时间和安全效益为目标。这些 Scotchcast 树脂电缆接头由3M公司开发,在树脂接头安装过程中提供方便和安全。此外, Scotchcast 92-NBA 系列提供了减少焊接时间和成本,同时保持 3M Scotchcast 树脂焊接套件的质量和可靠性。Scotchcast 标准树脂接头的单模体结构具有泡沫密封和紧固件卡子。这些功能导致更容易的安装方法,同时消除了需要额外的胶带和降低树脂泄漏的可能性。在树脂连接模体内的每一个完成处都有泡沫密封,这是一个范围,所以不需要锯和胶带,再次去除一个过程,减少安装时间。完全集成的树脂输送技术大大减少了树脂浪费,接触皮肤和吸入任何蒸气的机会。 

 一部分带快速贴合闭合的 Scotchcast 连接模具结构-快速简单安装 透明的 Scotchcast 接头模体,便于控制接头中的接头距离。


3M Scotchcast 40G 树脂用于高湿度地区的特殊应用。

3M Scotchcast 40G 树脂是提供在透明的两个腔袋与集成喷口和铝保护袋,以防止潮湿。




3M Scotchcast 92 - NBA树脂接头功能预切范围采取泡沫密封的所有电缆应用直径-消除需要胶带或锯完成联合

适用于1.9 kV /3.3 kV 及以下低压电缆连接

这些树脂接头也适用于额定电压为 6 kV 的单芯机场地面照明电缆,并使用附加元件


3M™  Scotchcast™  resin joint kits 92-NBA x are designed to be used for 1-core up to 5-corenon shielded, polymeric, low voltage energy cables. The application incorporates electrical insulation and mechanical protection of joints with compression or mechanical connectors. They can be used for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications.


• Resin 40 in transparent two chamber bags with integrated Closed Mixing and Pouring (CMP) system.

• One part Mould Body with Snap Fit closing system for quick and easy handling.

• Transparent Mould Body for easy control of connector distances in the joint.

• Snap in 5-core spacer to ensure the distance between connectors.

• Pre cut foam sealing elements to provide reliable sealing to the Mould Body without tooling for all cable application diameters.

• Closure cap to prevent any pollution.

Kit content

• Transparent mould body with closure cap

• Scotchcast™  40 resin bag with CMP

• Pre-cut sealing elements

• Snap in 5-core spacer

• Abrasive sponge

• Detailed instruction

Product Description

3M™  Scotchcast™  resin inline joint kit will be delivered with a one part transparent mould body for simple and easy handling. Distances inside the body can be checked easily.

All necessary dimensions, like application range, cable preparation are given in the detailed instruction.

The two foam sealing elements can be adapted to the required cable diameter by removing the pre-cut adapter rings.

A snap in spacer ensures the minimum required distance to each connector. It can be applied for 3-core up to 5-core cables.

The resin 40 is delivered in two chamber bag with integrated spout and aluminium Guard Bag for protection against humidity.

The reopenable seam and integrated spout with a membrane does provide a Closed, Mixing and Pouring system.

After the seam of the two chamber bag was opened, the resin components can be mixed. To pour the resin into the mould body, the spout shall be connected with the dome by turning for 180°. While turning, the membrane is cut open to pour the resin.

The Closed Mixing and Pouring System does provide resin handling without any skin contact.

For protection against pollution, a closure cap is applied onto the dome.

After curing, the remaining resin in the bag can be disposed as house waste.

Product Selection


The full Scotchcast™  Resin Kit Series 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7 were tested according EN50393 Table 3 / I / A1

Usage Information

The resin will be supplied, in two-chamber plastic pouches with peelable barrier in the correct stoichiometric proportion. This type of packaging will assure the correct mixing ratio for applying the resin.

The packaging includes a Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System. The integrated pouring spout will be opened while attaching the mixed resin bag to the housing of the joint or by using the supplied opener.

For other information, relevant for the usage of the resin, like Gel-Time, Pot-Life, viscosity, density etc. please see the relevant Data Sheet.


3M™ Scotchcast™  Resin 40 has a shelf life of at least 36 months when stored between 15 °C and 35 °C with a humidity level < 75 % in the originally sealed bag.

The expiration date of each product appears on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, it is the responsibility of the user to determine applicability of the resin.

Safety and Handling

3M provides its customers with a product specific Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to cover potential health effects, safe handling, storage, use and disposal information. 3M strongly encourages its customers to review the MSDS on its products prior to their use.

Product Stewardship

3M has a fundamental concern for all who make, distribute and use its products, and for the environment in which we live. This concern is the basis of our philosophy and policies by which we assess the health and environmental information on our products and then take the appropriate steps to protect employee, the public health and the environment.

Customer Notice

3M encourages its customers and potential users of 3M products to review their applications for such products from the standpoint of human health and environmental quality. To help ensure that 3M products are not used in ways for which they were not intended or tested. 3M personnel are available to assist customers in dealing with ecological and product safety considerations. Your 3M sales representative can arrange for the proper contacts.

Regulatory Status

The 40 Resin is in compliance with all European directives and regulations, relevant for this product.

The 40 Resin is in compliance to EU directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and EU regulation 1907/2007/EC (REACH)


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 产品资料Technical Data Sheet:3M Scotchcast Resin Kits 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7.pdf